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13th May, 2022

Property Investment: 6 Luxury Home Additions for an Eye-Catching Listing

Property Investment: 6 Luxury Home Additions for an Eye-Catching Listing

If you are planning to sell your house now or in the near future, you might be wondering how to maximise its market value and desirability. From walk-in wardrobes to spa-inspired bathrooms, some home additions stand out from the rest when it comes to adding property value. Here are six on-trend alteration ideas, courtesy of InHouse Inspired Room Design, that can help boost your home's asking price and win over prospective buyers.

Welcoming kitchens

As we used our kitchens both more frequently and more flexibly throughout the pandemic (as a social hub, a space for home-schooling, and of course for cooking) there are two key trends emerging in kitchen interiors: a comfortable, less utilitarian feel, and a turn towards calming, natural influences.

To help execute this modern approach to kitchen design, think soft, curved shapes like rounded cupboards or breakfast islands. Pair this with natural hues, like pastel green or blue, and textured surfaces like visible wood grain, subtle marble patterns, and exposed concrete, for a contemporary yet welcoming kitchen design. While it can be a significant investment, a remodelled kitchen can add anywhere between four and 10 percent to your property value.

Outdoor lounge area

While the Great British weather might be inherently unpredictable, when we do get blessed with warmer weather an outdoor seating area is a real asset for your property. Installing shelter like a retractable awning, dimmable lights, and a set of quality patio heaters can instantly make your outdoor space feel sophisticated. Or consider a summer house so you can enjoy all your indoor comforts while still appreciating the great outdoors.

Spa bathroom

As a vital part of any house, the size, layout, and number of bathrooms can often be a dealbreaker for many buyers. It's therefore important to assess the showers, baths, and toilets before valuing your house. Ensure that these basic elements are in excellent condition and in-keeping with the overall aesthetic of your home before making any decorative changes.

Sleek, premium features like marble tiles, ornate taps, and a clawfoot bathtub can all help to create a spa-like atmosphere. And, according to the Rated People Trends Report 2022, a newly renovated bathroom can add approximately £11,906 to a property’s value. Finally, when staging your home for listing photographs or viewings, try adding a selection of plants, mirrors, and scent diffusers as these finishing touches help to project a calm, welcoming environment.

Home office

While working from home was a necessity for some over the pandemic, remote or hybrid working is continuing for many. This has inevitably increased the demand for home offices, which are a crucial requirement for any future homeowners wanting a dedicated, focused workspace.

A well-lit, quiet room in your home (with good internet connection) can therefore be a valuable asset when turned into a workspace. In fact, building a small office annex onto your property could add approximately eight percent to its sale value.

Dressing room

Nothing says luxury living like a designated dressing room. If your property has a slightly smaller room that you're not sure what to do with, then you can maximise its value by creating a sleek, stylish walk-in wardrobe.

Providing it doesn't reduce the number of bedrooms listed for your property, a dressing room is a timeless, luxury addition that can have a real impact on prospective buyers. To create a practical, open-plan space, build this dressing area onto an ensuite or master bathroom so that getting ready in the morning is a seamless experience.

Home gym

In the same vein as a home office, many of us are searching for properties that can fulfil our every need without having to leave the house. This requirement is perfectly embodied by a home gym, as having this luxury can make exercise more accessible, less time-consuming, and generally more enjoyable – all from the comfort of your own home.

Recent renovation studies have concluded that adding a home gym is one of the most profitable additions a homeowner can make (along with a walk-in wardrobe and a general extension to the square footage). In fact, in 2021 it was found that properties with a gym sold for as much as 44 percent more than the average priced home in the UK.

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Make your home stand out from the rest with these value-adding, luxury alterations. And, if you're in the market for a new home, be sure to browse our properties for sale here at Fine & Country.

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